Health Administration Responsibility Project
Relevant California Code Sections added in 2001

BPC 2241.6 - Physicians must complete 12 hours of CME in pain management and treatment of terminally ill patients, by 12/31/2006.

GC 11181 & 11187 - State Agencies may now promulgate interrogatories to regulated entities as part of any investigation.

HSC 123110 - Patients are now entitled to one FREE copy of records relevant to any eligibility denial by Medi-Cal, SSDI, or SSI/SSP, unless they're represented by a private attorney who's paying costs. Physicians may bill for the copies if the appeal is successful.

HSC 123148 - Physicians must provide patients with test results upon oral or written request.

HSC 1367.26 - Eff. 7/1/2002 HMOs must provide accurate lists of providers, indicating which are not accepting new patients. It must include a toll-free number for updates. They must also provide info on a provider's degree, board certification, and sub-specialties.

HSC 1373.95, IC 10133.55 - Eff. 7/1/2002, HMOs and insurers must file a policy assuring continuity of mental health care for new enrollees.

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