Health Administration Responsibility Project
Board of Directors

Listing of Affiliations is for identification only, and in no way implies support of HARP by the Affiliated Organizations.
Harvey S. Frey M.D. Ph.D. J.D.
Associate Clinical Professor of Radiology,
University of California at Los Angeles
Bryan A. Liang J.D. M.D. Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Law, Pepperdine University
bliang at pepperdine dot edu
Linda Peeno, M.D.
Chair, Ethics Committee, University of Louisville Hospital
Executive Director & Chair Medicine and Healthcare group, International Society for the Systems Sciences
National Board Member, Citizen Action
Founder, CARE Foundation
LindaPeeno at aol dot com
Jeffrey G. Kaplan M.D. M.P.S.
Co-Chair, National Association of Managed Care Physicians
Associate Professor, UNC Chapel Hill
fitdoc at sprintmail dot com
Doris E. Bass L.C.S.W.
University of Southern California / St. Barnabas Alzheimers Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Center
debass at lafn dot org

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