XIII. Exhibits

#l - Kaiser Ads - the Promises:
       1a - website posting - "absolute.. trust";
       1b - Senior Advantage Ad - "we'd like to be there for yon";
       1c - Another Senior Advantage Ad - "patient care comes first";
       1d - A Third Senior Advantage Ad  "secret opinion walking down the hallway";
       1e - A Fourth Senior Advantage Ad - "a plan yon can trust"

#2 - "Patient" vs. "Customer" Detailed Essay;

#3 - Sample Cover of the Permanente Journal;

#4 - Kaiser Cartoon - why the lines will stay long;

#5 - Web Pathway and Article - "Selecting and Interpreting Diagnostic Tests" - and the table on Lyme's testing;

#6 - Abnormal Stress Test - read by Kaiser as "unremarkable";

#7 - Comparing Blood Counts:

#8 - Renal Tests - Northern California - creatinine - upper limit set too high.

#9- Lyme Tests
        a.  9a-Topic Introduction;
        b.  9b - Overview by Miguel Perez-Lizano;
        c.  9c - Kaiser's Lyme protocol - now taken offline by Kaiser;
        d.  9d - Dr. Donta's published protocol on Lyme - Boston;
        e.  9e - A Critique of Kaiser v. Dr. Donta;
        f.   9e - One Lyme patient's experience with Kaiser;
        g.  9f - Another Patient's Experience;
        h.  9g -Yet Another Patient;
         i.  9h - $65,000 Award for Missed Lyme Disease and a Wrecked Life.

#10- Anthrax
        a.  10a- Kaiser's Advice vs. that of the CDC;
        b.  10b- Kaiser uses Anthrax Posting on Web to Recruit MDs

#11- Chest X-rays:
        a.  11a- Patient with CXR sent by outside ER;
        b.  11b-Kaiser Loses X-ray;
        c.  11c- Dramatized True Story - Kaiser Delays Ordering a Chest X-ray;
        d.  11d- Chest x-ray reading - simply a checked box, not a description

#12- Underreading of MRIs
        a.  Contract Group Avoids Mentioning Cruciate Ligament and Minimizes Damage to the Meniscus Cartilage;
        b.  Correct Reading of the same MRI;

#13 - California Leads the Nation in HMO Penetration - [Bad News];

#14-  Cover and page II of "The Evolution of Medical Groups and Capitation in California";

#15 - Fewer Physicians for More Patients
         a. Older Kaiser Doctors Pack their Bags;
         b. Physician Moves Away From Patients as More Distant Team Leader Spin Picture to Look Like the Patient will have More Access;

#16- The Permanente Map;

#17 - Patients vs. Staff
     17a. "External Customers" pictured as Drab People;
     17b. Kaiser staff- pictured as a more elite group of people;

#18 - Kaiser's Dirty Little Secret;

#19 - Kaiser Colorado Spin on Physician Incentives;

#20 - Medicare Benefits Going Down;

#21 - Dr. Lawrence's Life Style:
     #21 a - $2,800,000 Home;
     #21 b  Questionable Relationship to Watson Pharmacenticals;
     #21c -$14 Million Kaiser Investment for Caretouch, then Spinoff with Dr. Lawrence still on board;
     #21d - Home Forgiveness - "In Silicon Valley a new kind of house call"

#22 - Mr. Halverson - Kaiser's New CEO - Caught with Huge Perks in Minnesota -Fooling his own Staff;

#23 - Bayer/Kaiser Fraud - Scheming to Defraud the Government on Cipro;

#24 - Kaiser Uses 990 to Emphasize Non-profit images with for profit physicians obscured;

#25 - Kaiser Tries to Look Benevolent (no KP stocks);

#26 - The Permanente Medical Group Clearly Has Stock;

#27 -  My Own Physician Profile on the Kaiser Computer  Note secret "Report Card" (that I'll never see);

#28 - Outcome Goes Down for the Poor and Elderly in Managed Care

#29 - Kaiser's Net Income $137 per Quarter - or $648 million a year (Now divide half of that among the 3000 Permanente partners) = $100,000+ per year in dividend from under treating and undertesting;

#30 - Kaiser Hints at Incentives but Down Plays the Amount Every Time;

#31 - Physicians Brag about being Part Owners;

#32 - The Tahoe Agreement;

#33 - Documents Disappear Easily at Kaiser - State Department of Corporation Investigator Notices.