Laws Governing Access to Medical Records in California

Requestor Requestee Code Section Concerning
Any Patient Medical Provider HSC §123100 et seq
45 CFR §164.524 (HIPAA)
Patient's medical records
Patient's Attorney Medical Provider EC §1158; CCP §1985.7 Patient's medical records
HMO enrollee HMO (IMR) HSC §1374.30 et seq Knox-Keene Act
HMO enrollee ERISA plan 29 USC §1132, etc.ERISA
HMO enrollee DMHC HSC §1368(b)(5)Final grievance disposition notice
Non-HMO Insured Insurer IC §791 et seq Insurance Code
Any Citizen California Public Agency GC §6250 et seq Public Records Act
Any Citizen Federal Public Agency 5 USC §552 et seq Freedom of Information Act
Subject of Records Public Agency CC §1798 et seqInformation Practices Act
Complainant Adjudicating Agency CCP §1094.5 et al Due Process, Mandamus
Plaintiff Defendant CCP §§ Requests for Production