Health & Safety Code
Section 1374.30(n) et seq

1374.30 (n) Upon notice from the department that the health care service plan's enrollee has applied for an independent medical review, the plan or its contracting providers shall provide to the independent medical review organization designated by the department a copy of all of the following documents within three business days of the plan' s receipt of the department's notice of a request by an enrollee for an independent review:


(a) If there is an imminent and serious threat to the health of the enrollee, as specified in subdivision (c) of Section 1374.33, all necessary information and documents shall be delivered to an independent medical review organization within 24 hours of approval of the request for review. In reviewing a request for review, the department may waive the requirement that the enrollee follow the plan's grievance process in extraordinary and compelling cases, where the director finds that the enrollee has acted reasonably.

(b) The department shall expeditiously review requests and immediately notify the enrollee in writing as to whether the request for an independent medical review has been approved, in whole or in part, and, if not approved, the reasons therefor. The plan shall promptly issue a notification to the enrollee, after submitting all of the required material to the independent medical review organization, that includes an annotated list of documents submitted and offer the enrollee the opportunity to request copies of those documents from the plan. The department shall promptly approve enrollee requests whenever the enrollee's plan has agreed that the case is eligible for an independent medical review. The department shall not refer coverage decisions for independent review. To the extent an enrollee request for independent review is not approved by the department, the enrollee request shall be treated as an immediate request for the department to review the grievance pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 1368.

(c) An independent medical review organization, specified in Section 1374.32, shall conduct the review in accordance with Section 1374.33 and any regulations or orders of the director adopted pursuant thereto. The organization's review shall be limited to an examination of the medical necessity of the disputed health care services and shall not include any consideration of coverage decisions or other contractual issues.